Imagine a simple and secure network, with expert support included...


Simplified QoS


A powerful network hardware that actually does what it’s supposed to do. Default settings work great for Guaranteed VoIP Call Quality, Secure Network, remote management and more.


Enterprise Features


Our enterprise-grade “edge” routers offer powerful complete remote management, work with existing networks and offer QoS, VPN, Firewalls, Multi-WAN, vLAN, and more.


Personal Support


For the first time, your Voice Provider can also help manage your local network, phones, computers, and more anytime you need help. It’s like having on-demand IT guy, but better.

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Features for Powerful Networks

Thoughtfully designed and updated for every business and network

Network Hardware

We include SimpleWan Hardware, for use as a primary router or Network Edge Appliance.

Remote Management

Manage and configure your Router from our cloud-based Network Dashboard.

Port Routing

Manage TCP and UDP ports for Forwarding and Advanced Routing.


Audit network and firewall for open Ports, HIPPA compliance, and more.

MOS and Rating

Network Dashboard will show recent VoIP calls and rating for detect quality.

Enterprise Grade

Developed and designed for small networks of 5, and powerful enough for teams of hundreds.

IP Management

Manage all your static IPs, direct to any connected service or device.

vLAN Friendly

Setup and manage multiple VLAN, Layer 2 and 3 Switch ready too.


Receive email and text alerts when your network is offline, or has trouble.

Advanced Diagnostics

Local and remote Ping, Traceroute, Jitter, and other tools to troubleshoot issues.

Full Featured Router

Ready for drop in use as a full featured Router, with Firewall and more.

Advanced QoS

QoS is not only watching, it’s also real-time measuring MOS, Packet Loss, and Jitter too.


Connect remote users with simple Dynamic Routing and PPTP authenticated users.


Get alerts when trouble is detected, including Packet Loss and possible ISP issues.

Failover Ready

Every router features multiple WANs, for automatic failover. (Add-on Required)

UniFi Access Point

Instant provision and management for Ubiquiti Access Points.


Connect multiple locations into one Local Network.


Add an extra layer of threat monitoring and filtering.

WAN Failover

Enable a secondary WAN for dual failover between networks.

Content Filtering Add-on

Enable advanced content filtering, blocking, and auditing.


Get our Managed Network plan with additional help.

Low per-month service, equipment, and expert help.

Cloud-based SD-Wan Backoffice

You’ll also get access to our powerful cloud-based network management system.

SD-Wan Backoffice


Users with our SD-Wan can manage their entire local network, internet connection, monitor network traffic, manage firewall, and more by logging in out SD-Wan Bakcoffice below.